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2 Videos released, 1 Interview, 1 EPK, some hate mail, and new album in works for 2010

Sorry haven’t posted in a longtime.  Yes, you.  The person that once promised me he’s added our blog to his RSS feed.  This one’s for you, darling…

It’s been a long time since I’ve written.  I should have because I promised the guitarist who is the Paul Mcartney of the band I would.  I’m the singer/poet/autistic of this band.  I’m JC Penny.  I have a thousand drawings.  A hundred paintings.  10 websites.  1 mouth.  No money…

I used to refer to Lovely Louis, the guitarist, as the Lennon of the band but recently found out that Lennon was actually a mediocre musician.  Great songwriter.  Crappy musician.  That’s me so that’s why the change.  Also I used to think I was goofier than Louis but I don’t think so anymore.  I recently changed my mind on me in one crucial aspect: I’m not actually funny at all.  All these years…  Anyways, another reason why I’m no longer the Paul.  I don’t think Louis’ gonna like this but he doesn’t ever read this anyway.

2 Videos

“Declined” and “Magic Tricks”, 2 of our strongest songs on SATM, have been released as videos.  They we’re directed by Spookey Ruben who was voted The Greatest Canadian (remember that hugely successful publicity stunt the CBC ran a couple of years ago?  I hope they gave the worm that thought of it a raise) by one black man from Atlanta.  See them here:

Magic Tricks


and see the black man from Atlanta

Am I being a little racist? Should I just say “the man from Atlanta”? Am I furthering racial stereotypes by foregoing the policy of “colour blindness” with regards to all other human beings on spaceship earth? Watch the video. That’s a black man from Atlanta.

1 Interview

Toromagazine has balls and brains.  The pudding: they reviewed our last album “Sage Against the Machine” correctly.  They got it.  They identified it’s genus, family, species, likelihood of cancer, everything.  Brian Borzykowski did the same for our 2007 release but didn’t venture so many words.  Then they had us in to do a song unplugged.  We did “Declined” and I decided to show a large painting of Pope Benedictus with some balls hanging off the bottom.  The Pope had issued a statement earlier that week that the Nazis never used gas chambers and that the holocaust was greatly exagerrated.  Ha!  “Declined” happens to finish with the line “I hate the Pope why not he’s old and his buddies with soft hands and cocks that coil around the minds…OF A BILLION DECLINES” We went there and we played it and they filmed it and I didn’t think they’d air it given that they are after all Canadian (we’re not big on risks).  Boy was I ready to kneel for the bull when they did.  They even ended the thing with a closeup on the Pope’s nylon potato pair.

Anyways, they also filmed an interview on the same day and have just released it. Check the Interview


An EPK is an Electronic Press Kit. That means it’s an elevator speech for the internet. An elevator speech is the thing a young buck full of piss and vinegar would say to the president of the company if he happened to bump into him on the elevator. 30 seconds, Jeremy. Don’t fuck it up. Ours is 2 minutes but you can sit there and put your mouse in your ass and really get into your own B.O. while it plays and judge us silently.


Some hate mail

In a previous post I talked about our gig with Jay Spectre and Run With The Kittens. I think I said that Jay Spectre wasn’t my cup of tea and then went on and on about RWTK. If I said something really nasty I apologise but I don’t think I did. Not my style. I think it got as bad as “tea”. Someone, prolly THE JAY SPECTRE, found my post and just flamed us. They said the “meger” crowd we drew thought we sucked. FYI, we didn’t draw any crowd at all that show so thanks for yours ;) However, every show we do someone really hates us but REALLY hates us. That’s cool. He also said that Jay Spectre and RWTK are twice the musicians we are. Absolutely right. Can’t argue with that. But I wore elf ears and blew my nose that whole show. I insulted the audience because I was pissed off that Santa laid me off after 700 years of service. I had a Curious George garbage pail on stage for my kleenexes.

New Album

We’re recording demos for our new album. The working title of it is “Sorry”. We’re already shopping for a producer, gonna record in the fall. That means the thing should be available before my heart attack at 43. I am writing grown-up songs for this one. I have to get it out of my system, as with every album. Every album is something an artist(s) gets out of his system. There is some serious shit going on in the world today and all our poets have to say is “baby, baby”. Even the goddam indie darlings got nothing to say about Afghanistan, the biblical floods in our lifetime, the oncoming ice age in our children’s lifetime. The economy is silly. Just wait.

Get me drunk one night and I’ll tell you what the other albums we’re about. Ya, you.