“Magic Tricks” voted top 10 music video on AUX by Rogers Media

That’s pretty great.  We are beside videos of Amy Milan, Oh Bijou, Matisyahu, etc..  I asked my guitarist Lovely Louie who the rest are and he said “holy shit these guys are all big indie bands”.  I doubt any of them are actually independent as we are but whatever.  He meant the indie “sound”.

So Mel Dark is a powerful culture reviewer for Rogers Media.  Why is she powerful?  Cause Rogers is powerful and their entertainment news site Spotlight is seen by millions weekly.  I love  you, Mel Dark.  I am thinking of getting my teeth cleaned.

Check it: The 10 tunes from AUX TV that may or may not change your life http://www.spotlight.rogers.com/entertainment/tv/1585/10-tunes-aux-tv-may-or-may-not-change-your-life

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