Preparing for the Drake #3

Tomorrow evening DP does the Drake’s downstairs at 9:30pm.  1150 Queen W.  Good luck.

Saturday noon saw DP rehearsing at Glenn’s again.  Glenn wasn’t iimpressed with the early booking and commented passive aggressively “I feel pretty good considering I went to bed at 6am.”  It was clear that Glenn accepted the booking to make up for the Melissa Manchester incident 2 weeks prior.

Drummer Scott “Candy” Fletcher arrived 40 minutes late with “traffic” as his explanation.

DP mangled a couple of songs for their upcoming set and began to worry when Candy, the veteran who has been in dozens of bands since his teens, evaporated the sour mood envelloping the band in an instant: “Bad rehearsal, good gig,” said Candy, to which the rest of the band nodded and mumbled “ya” and “hmm..”

Keys/rhythm guitar Richard “Yoko” Lachman brought a six of beer for the morning.

Lead guitar Louis and Yoko discussed at length the correct mix of their dueling guitar parts in ‘Sage against the Machine’ from their upcoming full length release of the same name.  Since Yoko bought his effects box it’s been like a Yugioh battle between the 2  but one that is between evenly tempered canadian men.  Finely crafted missiles of emotional sensitivity set the tiny rehearsal space on fire: “I’m hearing you about the distortion but..” and “I like that flange a lot for a lot of parts but I’m not sure..” Meanwhile, the other bandsmen drifted into an improvisational cover of ‘Girl from Ipanema’ setting the whole scene into a masterful absurdist light.  Imagine Picasso’s ‘Guernica’ with propeller hats on the soldiers.

After rehearsal, JC Penny, Yoko, and Louis went to see Iron Man and that’s the last anybody’s seen of them.

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