“Declined” unplugged – the Pope and Toromagazine has balls

We did a song for Toromagazine’s weekly broadcast “Garageband”.  Our performance included some questionable things.  We showed a painting of the Pope with a pair of balls hanging from it.  The song itself ends with the line “I hate the Pope why not he’s old and his buddies with soft hands and cocks that coil around the minds, of a billion declined”.

I wasn’t sure if the peeps at Toromagazine had the balls to pony up the performance.  We shot it.  They smiled.  We left.  As Canadian artists, we are accustomed to being gelded by other Canadians that work in media, but three weeks later there it was.  The final edit was as twistedly, born-again christian as we’d intended.  It was as if we had said to Toromagazine ‘suck my balls’ and they simply replied ‘present them’.

See it http://www.toromagazine.com/?q=taxonomy/term/72

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