Statement#17 from JC Penny

I get asked a lot why I spend so much time covering the evolution of Dirty Penny. “Don’t you have better things to do?” friends and my mother say to me. The truth is I spend a lot of time. I basically am allowed to be around them anytime I want except their bedrooms. I was hanging around Lovely Louis and JC Penny last night. They we’re drinking and smoking at JC’s place on the front porch on a sofa exposed to the elements. I offered commentary and I GOT A GIGGLE from them ONCE. These guys are the most conceited assholes on the planet. But they’re brilliant.

The following note by JC was handed to me on a napkin with bits of chewed bacon on it.


people of the night. you know who you are when i say that to you. you find unusual pleasures. you stay up late. you talk to yourself under your breath.

your car was never meant for space. you roll up your windows with a panicked look on your face. dont forget that you can dream even when awake. dont forget to fight when you need to.

the young girl and boy. barely 19. he’s driving the car. she’s super clean.

people of the day. you know who you are when i say that to you. you have normal pleasures. you don’t stay up late. you smile as a habit.


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