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The only 4 Queen Elizabeth II Christmas address videos on the internet 1957, 1984, 1997 and 2013 – The Horseshoe Tavern show

JC Penny as "The Emperor of Canada", Dirty Penny at the Horseshoe Tavern, Feb 5th 2014

JC Penny as “The Emperor of Canada”, Dirty Penny at the Horseshoe Tavern, Feb 5th 2014

That was a helluva show. Dirty Penny has been playing for 13 years. We’re really good at our sound now.

Hi, I’m JC Penny, the singer.

So for every show I like to do a character, a little bit of theatre for the eyes. Other bands have criticized us for this. They say “If you were a real band you wouldn’t need that crap.” And we say “Your show sucked.”

For this show I chose ‘The Emperor of Canada’. I wanted to find a voice for him so I researched the past christmas addresses of Queen Elizabeth II. I’ve always been a fan of her style. Her speeches are concise but her choice of words are trully those of an aristocrat. For instance, she would never say the word “sex”, she would say “the removal of each other’s clothing”.

So I went hunting for past Christmas addresses videos and discovered THERE ARE ONLY 4! I might suck at internet research but I spent 45 minutes looking and found only these.

1957 – Sandringham House in Norfolk – The first televised Christmas Broadcast or ‘Queen’s Speech’. (she was cute, I would’ve totally hit on her at a club if I was in my twenties)

1984 – From Windsor Castle – The broadcast also includes the newly born Prince Harry with his brother and parents, along with film of the Royal Family and the Spencers interacting with each other on the day of Harry’s christening. (I’d hit on her at a club now)

1997 – from Buckingham Palace – She starts this one by addressing Princess’s Diana death. It’s also her 50th wedding anniversary to Prince Phillip. (I would talk to her at a club for hours or hit on her with enough liquor)

2013 – She starts this one with “I once knew someone who spent a year in plaster cast. He read a lot and thought a lot and felt miserable.” (I would talk to her at a club for hours)