Monthly Archives: July 2013

“Sorry Mom” to be released September 21st 2013 for sure

Dirty Penny has had a terrible ride making this record. 3 producers in 4 years, many depressions, some fights that were not about the record but clearly about the record, over-budget, despondency, murder (of insects), the bassist is pissed off because he’s been in the band for 4 years and he’s still not on an album.

It’s not anything like our other albums.  It’s a big grim political rock record for and about the mothers of fallen soldiers.  It’s not very long though.  It just reaches the 30 minute mark on album length.  Does this mean it’s an EP?

So this is good. We’re playing at Axis Gallery and Grill on September 21st, two months from now. We’ll be playing the whole night, all 3 albums back to back, and releasing our third.

For more comedy about the making of our third record see our Facebook page.