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NYC Show @ The Local 269 – CMJ Music Festival

Hi it’s JC Penny, the singer.

I showed up a couple of hours before the show and the first thing I noticed inside the door of Local 269 is ammonia. I think people barf there a lot. However the sound was terrific. I felt at home as soon as I started screaming.

We had a perfect time and many people who weren’t our friends came up and thanked us for the great show including the manager/owner. I didn’t get to talk to him beyond him saying “I really enjoyed that” to me and then rushing off to clean something.

My father came and we spent 3 days walking up and down Manhattan. To me, Manhattan is the city in my dreams. Whether I’m running from something or flying, the background is Manhattan. It’s immense, dense, and lavish.

Finally, I want to apologize to the nice people who drove all the way from Delaware to see California Dirty Penny. We had no control over this. It was a music festival. I hope you enjoyed the cupcakes we offered. I understand if you threw them in the street. Delaware is far, I think.

singin Happy Birthday Ghengis - click to see more

singin Happy Birthday Ghengis - click to see more - photo by Terence Collins Aw, Yeah