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Entries by our now incarcerated Ryerson School of Journalism journalist and band biographer, Alex Magnussen.

Preparing for the Drake #2

Dirty Penny roared thru their rehearsal this last tuesday at Glenn’s space in preparation for their monday gig. Glenn wasn’t there but left a woman, Basia, to open the door for the band. Asked if they were considering other rehearsal spaces because of the Melissa Manchester incident the previous week, DP lead singer JC Penny said “we wouldn’t be here if we were and Glenn doesn’t have to be our friend.”

Lead guitar Lovely Louis arrived 50 minutes late. JC Penny was the first to greet Louis with a “Bonjour!” to which Louis replied “Don’t fucking bonjour me!” nearly knocking down the lead singer in the hallway.

Drummer Candy issued a statement after a run through of ‘Cigarettes, Whiskey, and Wild Wild Women’ (TaDa! 2007): “That’s my new favorite song from TaDa!. It has replaced ‘Bomb Ardier’ as my new favorite.”

Located a few streets west of Ossington, The Drake Hotel is perhaps the most pretentious spots in the City. Filled with desperate scene people not able to admit they just want to find someone stable and start a family before their looks catch up with their inner beauty, the basement is the place to be. DP looks forward to playing the basement again because the sound is awesome.

Rehearsal ended with Basia, having not heard DP before, praising the band’s sound, associating them with “Celtic” roots and a band called ‘Mute Math’ which only Candy knew. She was completely insincere.

Preparing for The Drake #1

Dirty Penny got stiffed by their regular rehearsal space this last tuesday. Rich “Yoko” was first to arrive and saw none other than Melissa Manchester in the space with musicians. Glenn, the rehearsal space owner, was quoted as saying “Sorry, man, I had to take this one..” to Yoko at the door before letting it close slowly on his face.

Yoko, Jason “JC Penny”, and Scott “Candy” stood outside in the Toronto night saying “I was looking forward to playing tonight” and “when’s the gig?”

Jay “Sugar Bear”, who had forgotten to show up for rehearsal, was pleased and a little worried about his atheism in light of current events.

It’s unknown as to whether DP will continue to use Glenn’s rehearsal space.

Raja’s “Lovely Louis” Mexican appendix operation of 2 months ago is a success. Louis said on the phone earlier today “It’s fine, it’s happy” in reference to the operation.

The Drake Hotel Show on Monday May 12 will be featuring “La Poutine” as one of the songs that will be played with extra effects in the begining prayer part, says JC Penny. “Yoko bought a box,” he added.

DP hasn’t released any further details about their upcoming Drake performance.

2 sentences in this release are false.